July 2, 2015



Frequently Asked Questions



[awe_accordion ][accordion title=”What comes with the Party Bus?”]Flat Screen HD TVs, DVD Player, LED Infinity Lights, Detachable Dancing¬†Pole, State of the Art Sound System, Auxiliary Audio Input Interface,¬†built-in cooler, complimentary ice & cups, (optional).
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Can we drink/smoke on the Party Bus?”]Renter/Clients are permitted to bring non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages aboard/ Smoking is not permitted aboard the bus[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Is there an hourly cap on the rental time?”]There is not an hourly cap on the rental time. Rentals exceeding 5hrs for the 15-16 passenger are only charged OT premium. (OT premium being the standard rate divided in half) (negotiable)
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Is there a passenger limit?”] The 15-16 passenger seats NO MORE than 16
The 17-25 passenger (PARTY LIFE EXTREME) seats NO MORE than 25[/accordion] [accordion title=”Does the Party Life Bus travel out of town? (If so, how far)”]Yes. The Party Life Bus will travel up to a 120 mile radius of Huntsville, AL[/accordion] [accordion title=”What is the age range for the Party Life Bus?”]10 and up[/accordion][/awe_accordion]



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