July 2, 2015



Frequently Asked Questions



What comes with the Party Bus?

Flat Screen HD TVs, DVD Player, LED Infinity Lights, Detachable Dancing Pole, State of the Art Sound System, Auxiliary Audio Input Interface, built-in cooler, complimentary ice & cups, (optional).

Can we drink/smoke on the Party Bus?

Renter/Clients are permitted to bring non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages aboard/ Smoking is not permitted aboard the bus

Is there an hourly cap on the rental time?

There is not an hourly cap on the rental time. Rentals exceeding 5hrs for the 15-16 passenger are only charged OT premium. (OT premium being the standard rate divided in half) (negotiable)

Is there a passenger limit?

The 15-16 passenger seats NO MORE than 16
The 17-25 passenger (PARTY LIFE EXTREME) seats NO MORE than 25

Does the Party Life Bus travel out of town? (If so, how far)

Yes. The Party Life Bus will travel up to a 120 mile radius of Huntsville, AL

What is the age range for the Party Life Bus?

10 and up



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